One Wise Splurge: Workaday Heels.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on June 30, 2008

As an impoverished college student, I’ve become a very quick study in what I can and what I can’t get on the cheap when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Anyone who has walked a day – or even an hour – in cheap heels quickly discovers that when it comes to wise splurges, a good and solid pair of working or interview heels is a must. Now, cost does not always correlate with a longer wear-time before one’s feet start crying bloody murder, but in general, going for a higher-quality pair will save you a great deal in terms of pain and blisters in the future.

A splurge in heeled shoes need not involve more than a hundred dollars. These are the BCBGirls “Betsy,” and though it’s a lower heel than most of my friends would be interested in wearing, it’s a solid shoe that let me walk in Boston for a good two or three hours before my feet seriously think of complaining. Sticker price was $90 though I didn’t pay quite that much.

Friendship with lady luck could yield an even better steal of a deal. I am duly jealous of the friend with the sixty dollar Marc by Marc Jacobs heels from a Houston DSW.

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Outfit Post: Shopping in Suburbia.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on June 30, 2008

Top from Nordstrom Rack (originally from the Nordstrom’s Juniors Section), belt from Urban Outfitters, cropped pants from Loehmann’s (Necessary Objects), flats by Jessica Bennett, gold and jade necklace from Taiwan.

I have mixed feelings about this outfit, which I put together for a trip to the Natick Collection mall. I’m on the curvier side when it comes to Asian body types and the fatty belt in general is not super great on chestier girls. When I wear the belt as a drop waist it looks a fair bit nicer.

For people like me who don’t feel that they rock the cinch belt too well, I generally recommend wide belts below the true waistline for trying to capture the spirit of the cinch belt style that’s still going fairly strong (see the BCBG Maz Azria fall RTW show for this year).

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