The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on July 13, 2008

This was a pretty slow week in my life in general. I figured out that I hadn’t really hit a wall with my summer research and some of the new stuff that arrived through Interlibrary Loan was actually going to be really useful, but then I also haven’t processed most of it yet. It also became even more apparent that I’m not that great a cook, and I’ve had an especially awful time planning out my week’s meals and groceries. In terms of fashion, clothes, and the like I’ve had an even slower week.

1. I went to H&M this weekend and a handful of other stores while I was making another return at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, the Newbury Street H&M is not as fortunate as those in NYC, and so I did not get to ogle and try on the upcoming Fall/Winter offerings there. Only after I returned to the distant Boston area suburbs did I realize that I also wanted to return the skirts I’d bought there. I might have a newfound respect for the pencil skirt design, but not for one in a material that also functions as a lint-magnet. I’ve returned more than fifty percent of the things I’ve bought this summer by cost and volume both. I wonder if that means I’ve grown out of my shopping addiction and become a wiser shopper?

2. The New York Times’s coverage of fashion and style issue is probably insipid and slow compared to fashion-specific websites, blogs, and magazines, but I still read every one that pops up. There was one on the increasing popularity of designer sunglasses (which has been done, I just forget by which blog or news source) and one on how influential Gossip Girl is when it comes to fashion (which was already apparent across several blogs even before the show aired).

3. Though I don’t watch Gossip Girl myself and haven’t sat through a full episode since around number three or four, I am quite fond of all Blair Waldorf’s headbands and so I poked around online and found a few. Forever 21 has a great selection (all the ones pictured are from there) at a great price, though I’m pretty satisfied with my collection of headbands so I won’t be buying any. One of my friends here has the gold one in the middle and it always looks quite cute when she wears it.

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