Highly Recommended: Kenneth Cole New York.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on July 14, 2008

At this rate, I’ll always have a soft spot for Kenneth Cole New York and Kenneth Cole Reaction bags. I’m not a very big accessories person. While I do dabble a bit in things like headbands and scarves, I tend to always go back to my favorites. When it comes to bags, I do have a moderately large and middling pricey collection relative to my budget, which is very modest, but it’s comprised entirely of things I obtained in my first year and mostly on massive sale. Both my black bags – a work, school, or interview tote and a small bag I usually carry with me to parties – as well as my wallet are slightly older Kenneth Cole bags from Ebay. While the styling is pretty simple and doesn’t scream edgy or the more feminine style I usually go for in clothes, I find many of their bags very attractive.

Ebay is an excellent source for Kenneth Cole bags, though their sale prices are not bad either. When it comes to Ebay, Kenneth Cole things aren’t too sought after and so the prices rarely climb too high. In general their sale prices are a bit too high for my budget, though if it’s a middling or small splurge, I would say it’s a pretty dependable one. Pictured above is a basic black leather hobo on sale for a little over fifty percent off at their website.

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