Over the Counter Skincare.

Posted in beauty products by bluewellesleyblue on July 14, 2008

Like many other teens and young adults, I have rather acne-prone skin and it really hasn’t calmed down all that much since I was supposedly done with puberty. I’ve tried a whole slew of treatment options, both over the counter and not. Topical antibiotics and the prescription drying lotion Differin were never particularly effective. A couple months of the oral antibiotic Doxycycline worked pretty well, but also gave me some side effects and Kaiser was reluctant to prescribe it again since it’s supposedly meant to be a one shot thing. Since then, I’ve actually tried some over-the-counter treatments that have worked pretty well.

The Murad Pure Skin Supplement vitamins available at Sephora were actually very helpful. Nothing has really been enough to make my skin perfectly clear, but it completely prevented any new cysts from emerging. (It should be noted that though I do get cystic bumps, I don’t think what I have is technically cystic acne at all since they still tend to be pretty short term.) Some people online insist that the vitamins in the Pure Skin Supplement are in doses high enough to be very unhealthy, and so it’s best to halve the suggested daily dose. I vacillated between using the full and half doses (between four and two pills per day) and was still getting results.

I decided to try the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and Drying Cream after I ran out of the Supplement since the two combined are still a little more affordable. Both seem to have been pretty helpful. I get the larger bumps much more rarely – though I do think the Murad Supplement was more effective at preventing them and will probably start them again sometime soon – and the Drying Cream cuts down the healing time on the smaller bumps by half at least. The Buffering Lotion does not work on all of the larger bumps – its intended primarily for the treatment of cystic acne – but when it works it cuts down on the healing time for those quite a bit. Both treatments are sulfur-based and thus have a fairly strange odor. The Buffering Lotion is very runny and I’ve had a handful of times where it got in my eyes or ran down my face where I didn’t need it.

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  1. Zhuliahh said, on July 15, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    I don’t recommend the buffering lotion nor the drying cream. The pink buffering lotion is too harsh, and it only work for pimples in small area. The drying cream did not work for me, and it make my skin very uncomfortable. However, I do like their special cucumber toner and their acne cleanser. They are mild enough for the sensitive skin but also do the job.

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on July 15, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    I actually use the white buffering lotion (I just pulled the picture of the whole set that’s also available because it was the more aesthetically pleasing way to picture the two products I do use) though the one or two times I borrowed the pink buffering lotion from a friend it did not work. It should be taken into account however, that neither of us where using it the right way (it should not be shaken to mix prior to using).

    I’ve been using the drying cream for a couple of days and it’s worked, though its far from being a miracle and the most problematic spot has gotten a little dry from the use. The white buffering lotion is not drying at all, on my skin at least, though again results are decent but still far from miraculous.

    Skincare is definitely going to be a highly personal thing and what works for me definitely won’t work for everyone. I am definitely in the category of people for whom milder treatments have had no effect since my skin is actually pretty clear except for larger, near-cystic bumps.

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