Tired. Also, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts Soon.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on July 16, 2008

The weather here in the Boston area has stabilized a bit, and we’re no longer getting thunderstorms practically every day. The downside of this is that there’s nothing to break the heat and humidity, and it’s made me tired and not particularly in the mood for putting together outfits, shopping, or the like.

Still, I should point out that in two days, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will begin. The link takes you directly to the catalog. If I remember correctly from browsing Nordstrom’s during the sale last year, the catalog is a pretty exhaustive listing of all the things they put on sale for this fine occasion. I only watched the sale last year, opting against buying anything since the coat I wanted from the juniors section ended up being too thin and just not what I was looking for in a new coat, but this year if I see anything I like and can afford, I’m snatching it right up. The prices and markdowns are definitely right when it comes to the few things that are on sale, and you won’t find say, those flats for much cheaper than the prices they’re going for at Nordstrom’s mid-sale when they finally make it to the sale section anywhere else online. And right now, they’re brand-spanking new.

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