Jean Adventures 2: Something that Works, Something that Doesn’t.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on July 17, 2008

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve tried on a lot of jeans both from mid-range stores as well as upper-end or designer jeans in a vain attempt to find a pair or brand that consistently fits me well and will require minimal tailoring. This post covers the jean selection at Guess and Martin + Osa.


Last summer, I ended up working as a sales associate at Guess. I didn’t think the clothes were really my style then, and I still feel that way though I ended up picking up two tops and a pair of jeans while I was working there. Their basic jeans are priced around eighty dollars and a fairly reasonable value for their price. With my employee discount, it was a very reasonable value. They only offer two types of basic jeans in short, and I don’t think they ever make their embellished or more special denim offerings with short inseams. Their skinny jeans however, were pretty much the exact right length for me despite having a regular inseam. The Starlet Skinny jeans were actually fairly flattering as well, though I opted out of buying them.

When I bought my jeans there, they offered two types with a short inseam and in a darker wash. The one I bought was the Foxy Flare and while it is a bit long for me, a bit of tailoring would have taken care of that easily. As for the fit? It fits, it fits well and with no obvious problem spots making it surprisingly worth it. This probably does mean that their jeans would be a very awkward fit on someone who is more muscled in their thighs. Its not the most flattering pair of jeans I’ve ever tried on either, but the fact that it fits is enough to make me happy to shop their again if I don’t find something better. Their sizes run medium/to the average.

Martin + Osa

Martin + Osa opened with the new wing of the Natick Mall which is not far from where I go to school, but it was a fairly long while before I realized it was not really some overpriced and less well-known European brand. Rather, it is from the company that brought you American Eagle and the pricing is probably comparable to Guess when their things are full price, though the clothes at Martin + Osa are more my style.

I tried their slim and straight leg jeans while attempting to find a new pair of skinny jeans. Both sizes run middle or average. Both came in short inseams. The slim leg ones were a little too skinny for my tastes while the straight leg was still a bit awkward. Alas, both types were too long for me in the short inseam, but I was already getting accustomed to the fact that such will probably be true for most any brand. They did have  a little of that sagging rear and rise part going on so the fit was never going to be good for my shape.

Next time: most likely a run through of the designer brands I have tried – Joe’s, Genetic Denim, True Religion, and Jean Paul Da’mage.

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  1. Al said, on July 18, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Martin+Osa offers free tailoring. I think they mail it to your door after they’re done too. Something to consider. 🙂

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on July 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Oh my, I did not know that. They are a very nice place to shop though, in general. When you go to the fitting rooms at their Natick store, they offer you a small bottle of water completely gratis, which surprised me :].

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