The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on July 20, 2008

Well, it has definitely been a busy week for me, but when one blogs as a quick and easy escape from work and other things, its easy to keep on top of it – I swear though, I’ve been doing a good job at work and we’re making some progress with the research though it is also very close to the end of summer, and then I go abroad so my contribution to my professor’s long-term book project ends there – and here are some things that have been on my mind this week.

1. The Dark Knight is very, very good and while not a perfect movie, definitely worth seeing at some point on the big screen. The late Heath Ledger plays the Joker brilliantly, and steals absolutely every scene he’s in. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman both kind of fade into the background a bit, unfortunately, which is where many of the criticisms I’ve seen about the movie come from.

2. One of my absolute favorite fashion blogs, Fops and Dandies, is most likely being retired at the end of the summer when the writer goes to graduate school. I’ve been lurking and reading almost every post there practically since I first became interested in fashion blogging. I’ll miss it quite a bit! Her blog comes highly recommended.

3. I have makeup products on the mind. The new MAC Electro Flash collection includes some very appealing eyeshadows that, as a bonus, come with two colors in each. I don’t use much eyeshadow besides very plain brown shades and at times, a little bit of faint lavender, but they’re just so pretty! When it comes to the brown and pinkish shades that I’d like to try, they have several options. These two: “Two to Glow” and “Love Connection,” seem the most promising to me given the shades that might work and be more subtle on my skin. If I were to buy any, however, I would definitely want to ask the employees at the store for advice.

4. I am also becoming increasingly intrigued at the idea of brighter, more noticeable lipgloss or even lipstick shades. Usually, the only lipglosses I wear are Nars “Orgasm” and some Smashbox shades in mini-tubes that came with a set I bought at Costco, of all places. All of them are very subtle and barely have much color once they’re applied and rub off quickly anyway, the moment I eat or drink a glass of water. Still, I’ve seen a couple girls my age with similar skin coloring use some brighter pink shades of lipgloss and it actually looks quite nice, not overdone at all. I do have slightly thicker lips than they do, though, so I’d have to be careful if its a look I end up trying.


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