Shopping Around: Necklaces.

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on July 21, 2008

To my great sadness, one of my favorite and only necklaces – I’m not a big jewelry person – now has a very tarnished chain. It was a little silver pave ball, and I wore it w/ absolutely everything that it matched since I bought it in freshman year. I don’t have a very good idea of where to go to replace it. One good option for a silver necklace is Swarovski, which offers a nice selection of more moderately priced silver and crystal jewelry. Here are two of the necklaces they offer which I personally like.

These are both very simple designs, which is generally what I look for in jewelry. Sometimes, the idea of a more statement piece like necklace appeals to me as something that could, very easily, make an outfit in an unusual and stylish way. In general, though, I worry about not being able to pull off more interesting jewelry than the very basic necklaces and earrings I tend to wear. In the last year, on the vast majority of days, I wore the same pearl stud earrings, for example.

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