Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on July 23, 2008

Now that the daily thunderstorms we had earlier this summer in Boston have started up again, I’m reminded of the way most of the school year here in New England involves a great deal of rain. Bad for me and other when we’re caught in the middle of it without an umbrella, but good if you’re like me in considering coats, boots, and the other accoutrements of cold and wet weather amongst your favorite types of clothes and shoes. In that spirit, I’ve looked for some relatively affordable and relatively rain-appropriate shoes and coats.

The printed rainboots are especially cute. I owned a pair of black and white houndstooth rainboots for most of the year, and ended up donating them out because the print wasn’t really me. These boots, however, are a sedate, but still very cute print that I would love to wear anyday that rain seems a possibility – which is most days here in the greater Boston area. Suede and like materials don’t usually do well in rainy weather, but the suede-like material Urban Outfitters uses in its boots actually withstands the rain fairly well. I know this from a pair I bought on ebay last semester and wearing them in the rain.

If similar coats that my friends here have are any indication, these wool coats from the Nordstroms junior section should be fairly thin and fit for earlier autumn and later spring. If you like them, grab them soon before the Anniversary Sale ends!

Printed Rainboots from Urban Outfitters. Suede Boots also from Urban Outfitters.

Cream Wool Coat from Nordstroms. Plaid Coat also from Nordstroms.

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