Perfume Review: Masaki/Masaki

Posted in perfume review by bluewellesleyblue on July 27, 2008

No week in review post for this week. There isn’t too much I have to say on the fashion front for the moment, I went shopping yesterday and found that I had no energy or patience for trying anything on or really taking the time to look for things I liked – very rare for me – hopefully next week I’ll be more in the mood. I’ve been picking up some perfume samples at Sephora since I’m kind of in the market for a new scent, and so I thought now would be a good time to start redoing the perfume reviews I used to post on my personal blog. The first scent I’m reviewing is a pretty new one for me. I tried it for the first time yesterday.

The opening of Masaki/Masaki reminded me of some of the candy and other little sweets I used to get from the Chinese grocery store back home: something fruity and jelly-like. Especially in its riot of fruity and rather pink opening notes, it establishes itself as a definite “fruity floral,” which seems to be the most common and generic category for new perfume releases as of late. It is fairly sweet, though less so than say, Vera Wang Princess. I know a lot of perfume connoisseurs are not fond of perfumes like Princess and probably would find this one boring, at best, but I do have a soft spot for such scents even if I’m not going to go off and buy them. The nostalgia alone that Masaki/Masaki brings back for me with its opening notes made me want to get a sample.

Looking up the notes later on Sephora’s website quickly explained why it reminded me of childhood – the litchi note in Masaki/Masaki is quite obvious. That note fades fairly quickly, however. Within ten minutes, Masaki/Masaki has faded into something light and a bit green. As usual, I’m not too good at picking out most notes, but I smell some apple and something floral as it fades. This is definitely not a very strong scent, and would be suitable for the summer. There’s nothing musky or heavy about it. From yesterday, its life on the skin is probably not longer than three or four hours.

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