(Brief) Hiatus.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 7, 2008

This end of summer/moving back home and preparing for my semester abroad stuff is swamping me with tons of little things. I probably won’t be posting anything at all until the middle of next week at least. I’m dressing up for a poster presentation session right now and finding that my slacks are much too big and unattractive by definition, and my button-down doesn’t fit right either. I’m considering buying a new outfit at the Gap (the good thing about living and going to school in the ultimate yuppie town is that every more expensive thing you could really ever need is within walking distance) and returning it at the end of the afternoon. It’s kind of like a long trying-out session, you know. We also have an Ann Taylor, so there’s another business casual option.

I had dinner at my professor’s house, and therein lies the other good thing about living in a yuppie town. All the host gift options in the world – during the school year one is usually invited as part of a large class thing so there’s no need, but this was a little different – are also available and within walking distance (Body Shop, a cute little gourmet food gift and cheese shop, a Peet’s Coffee AND a Starbucks).

When I can take screenshots again – my print screen key is not working right – I will then show off my poster as well. It’s dead useless, but it is quite pretty.

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