One Month Before London!

Posted in london calling by bluewellesleyblue on August 18, 2008

In exactly one month, I will be packing my bags and flying from SFO to London Heathrow for my fall semester abroad. I am so incredibly excited. I think it’ll be an inspirational experience for me from both the academic and sartorial perspectives. The School of Oriental and African Studies seems to be a very specialized institution catering to many of the topics I hope to specialize in, and though it is a major research university, it’s undergraduate population is not much bigger than at the liberal arts college that is my home institution. They offer several African and South Asian languages as well as Arabic, Chinese, etc. which you’re more likely to find at your average American college or university. The fact that it will be academic inspiration, then, goes without saying.

I don’t know too much about fashion in the UK except that if blogs like the always-interesting Stylebubble are any indication, there should be plenty of inspiration to be seen. Either way, it’ll be the first time I’ve lived for any real period in a major city – Boston barely counts and I go to school in the suburbs anyway – which should offer some excitement all its own.

I ordered the Moleskine city notebook for London – and will soon be filling it with a personal list of must-see places and other must-experience things. Once again, the exchange rate is still such that I likely won’t be shopping there, though I’ll still want to explore that kind of thing.


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