Outfit Post: Two Wrongs Make an Almost-Right.

Posted in shopping advice, what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 19, 2008

Black dress, brand unknown, from TJMaxx; Muted silver “brocade” print dress from Fire LA and Nordstrom’s juniors section; Belt from Urban Outfitters, Brown leather flats from Jessica Bennett.

Not exactly a “what I wore” post because the weather is a bit too warm and the silver dress is a cheap material, so it doesn’t breathe well. The silver dress, especially, is an example of what happens when one doesn’t shop cautiously. I refer to it only half-jokingly as my alien princess dress. Since the material is cheap, the fit is unwieldy. It was not a good buying decision, as the fit was awkward even when I tried it on.

The black dress is alright, but cap sleeves aren’t too flattering on my figure, and the turtle neck and short cap sleeve combination makes it a bit odd. Still, I do very much like the way its fuller skirt forms a kind of ruffle around the bottom of the silver dress.

I’ve learned my lesson since then, and am now much more careful about what I spend money on. Never compromise on fit, no matter how good the price is, otherwise it’s going to be hard to bring yourself to wear something enough to justify buying it at all. The black dress has never been worn in public and the silver was worn only once, to a party. Still, some creative layering brings a spark of new life to any piece.

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