Cheap Thrill: Forever 21 “Parker” Handbag.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on August 20, 2008

$32.80 at Forever 21

Anytime I see the ribbon-through-chain type of handle first inspired by Chanel, my heart goes pitter-patter. Chanel this is obviously not, but it’s still a fairly classy and subdued-looking bag that would serve very well for an occasional day out on the town. At 11” by 17”, it’s a bit large, but I’m thinking that it would make a fine tote for classes as well. (However, since it is Forever 21 and the materials are of unknown but likely dubious quality, I would also be careful about not putting too much weight in it. Still, it’d be just fine for a notebook or two, a little pencil case, and some other odds and ends!)

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  1. fashionpudding said, on August 20, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    I love the fact that Forever21 takes designers styles and recreates them for an affordable price. I have seen some accessories that reminisce of Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Chanel, and many more. It’s great!

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on August 21, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Definitely :]. And well… The Chanel has been around for so long and is so iconic that most quilted bags/ribbon through chain handles are definitely “inspired” by Chanel to varying degrees.

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