Another Reason why I’ll Never Work in Fashion.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 27, 2008

“A ranking candidate for a six-figure-a-year-with-perks editor job, the woman has been well-briefed by a friend, a Voguette already safely ensconced in the elite fold, as to the toe cleavage sans stockings. Anna, the bosom buddy has warned the job seeker, dictates everything that goes into the magazine… to how they are supposed to dress if they want to work there, or continue working there.”

Anna Wintour: The Hot Life and Cool Times of Vogue’s Editor in Chief. via Gawker.

I have terribly sensitive feet and sometimes get aches, blisters, and the like on my 1.25” inch splurge work/evening heels. I shudder to think what even trying on three or four inch heels are like. That being said, most any workplace you find yourself in, almost right down to working at your local Hollister or Abercrombie, comes with at least a moderately restrictive dress code. Most bosses are not quite as powerful in their industry as I assume Anna Wintour is, and don’t have quite as much power or will to be as exacting, but there are always standards and dress is a very important part of how others perceive you. It’s not unique to the fashion industry at all, though I imagine Anna Wintour is uniquely intimidating to anyone lucky enough to work at Vogue.

Of course, I’ll probably eventually transition into higher heels so as not to be so conspicuously short when in the working world. That and I’ll either end up working somewhere where dress codes are fairly loose so long as it’s a bit professional-looking and not provocative (professor or researcher at a think tank) or somewhere where I can only wear an old fashioned, dumpy power suit (top law firm) and must keep my hair tightly up if it’s past a certain length.

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