Wisdom Teeth Extraction Complete!

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 27, 2008

My wisdom teeth surgery went very smoothly. They took out all four teeth under IV sedation and I was completely unconscious the whole time. The scariest part was just all the precautions they had to take – an oxygen tube for the nostrils, a blood pressure and EKG monitor, and I didn’t even really feel the IV needle going in. I’m also fortunate enough not to get any side effects from the Vicodin or the antibiotic, though the oral surgeon said something about including something for nausea in the IV bag. I might find that I actually am sensitive to the medication tomorrow, but I can phase out the painkiller pretty quickly, I think.

There shouldn’t be much slowdown to my rate of posts at all. Something as routine as wisdom teeth removal can’t get me down for long.

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