Getting an Early Start on Fall.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on September 9, 2008

Scarf and Beret, both from Urban Outfitters on Sale.

I’ve already mentioned how much I love the accessories and styles associated with fall and winter. One of the things I absolutely cannot get enough of is scarves: solid colored ones are nice and very classy – I’m partial to white or shocking pink against the gray, brown, or black of a coat – but then again, slightly boho “ethnic” prints are also nice, as is plaid. Beyond the wide range of colors and patterns, there’s also fringe all around scarves and ruffled scarves to provide a more interesting touch. Scarves are just such a fun and easy way of adding interest and variety to a cold-weather outfit.

Sadly, I don’t have quite as much luck with hats – some head shapes are good with fedoras, newsboy caps, and the like and some not so much – but in my experience, a nice beret suits most people. I have the above beret in white and I can’t wait to bring it out when the weather gets cooler.

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