London Time!

Posted in london calling by bluewellesleyblue on September 20, 2008

I arrived yesterday morning local time – it is now 3 AM, I’m a touch jetlagged – and have settled in a bit at my dorm for the fall term. They don’t have doubles here, at all, and in my building, all of the single rooms have small bathrooms included. So far, it actually doesn’t feel that different though the city streets here in central London are set up slightly differently and the stores are different. It’s not until I focus on the noise of the crowds that I realize I am definitely a foreigner here.

Some little details I’ve noticed:

1. They do not seem to wear flip flops here, even on a very sunny and warm day like yesterday. I’ll probably wear mine anyway, if the weather permits. Still, I was looking around while walking a couple of blocks looking for a Marks and Spencer to grab a cheap set of bed linens, and I did not see a single pair of flip-flop-wearing feet the whole time.

2. They have Uniqlos everywhere! I saw three within two or three blocks near Oxford Circus, which I gather is a fairly prominent shopping area here? With the exchange rate, the pricing is not quite as exciting as it is for people shopping at the Uniqlo in New York. Still, I thought it was interesting that they have so many. I hope they eventually come to the Boston area.

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  1. Little Bow Prep said, on September 27, 2008 at 5:10 am

    Hope you trip has been going well!

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on September 27, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    It has :]. Studying abroad is awesome!

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