Another Week in London…

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on October 5, 2008

I’ve been in London now for about two weeks and a half. It doesn’t seem that long until I think about how one term is really only about ten or eleven weeks. I’m going to miss everyone I’ve met here so much! If anyone leans towards international politics, history, or development economics when it comes to their academic interests, I highly recommend attending SOAS for a term or a year if they have the chance to study abroad. It has been really refreshing to meet people who are so well-traveled, internationally minded, and politically aware as so many of the students here are. Here are some of the other things that have been on my mind this past week:

1. Miss Couturable wrote a nice little post about just how important it is for young women today to be confident and assert themselves. As a college student about to enter the workforce herself, I’m painfully aware about how many disadvantages women tend to face post-college. So remember: do not fear salary negotiation and while there’s still a double-standard at times when it comes to how we conduct ourselves in an office setting (that dude is just being a leader but you’re being a bitch for doing the same thing, in essence), it is important to take a stand when the situation demands. I can’t help but advocate for all high school aged women to seriously consider schools like Wellesley because it is quite empowering.

2. I have this kind of old Ebay-purchased Kenneth Cole bag of dubious provenance – the logo is in a different font from the current Kenneth Cole New York one – but it has been my indispensable going out bag for the last two years. Tragedy of tragedies one end of the strap has broken clean off the metal ring holding it to the rest of the bag! I’m going to go to a shoe repair place and hope that they can sew it back together. I feel quite lost without it!

3. My love of food is quite profound and since clothes tend to be a touch too expensive for my budget here, I’ve spent a great deal more time grocery shopping and searching for the best prices on various things. I was saddened to discover that Chinese groceries – the vegetables I’m accustomed to stir frying and eating as well as the century eggs I like to have with tofu, which gross out pretty much everyone else I know – are among the things that are more than double the price they would sell for in the US. Tragedy again! In truth though, food is not necessarily more expensive here, and my budget’s not hurting too much.

4. I am, unusually for me, suffering from a bit of fashion fatigue as of late. My excuse is schoolwork, though there really isn’t that much to do yet since the term here has only just started.

5. This is a little random – a music recommendation though I think it’s a group most people have already encountered at some point or another – but I am becoming ridiculously fond of Stars and practically every song in their album Set Yourself on Fire is beautiful. My favorite is “Your Ex-Lover is Dead.”

Here’s to hoping for another good week!

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  1. Little Bow Prep said, on October 6, 2008 at 2:08 am

    I read that post. I am truly thinking about applying to some women’s colleges (like Wellesley) because of the sense of empowerment the communities must have. I’m sure it would be an amazing experience. (Nevertheless, my daddy expects me to apply to MIT next year.)

    I love tofu! It’s healthy and pretty awesome.

    I really like the video.

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on October 6, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    My sister is gung-ho about applying to MIT this year :] but she’s always been more scientifically inclined than I am. Wellesley is definitely not the perfect school and a lot of the sort of “sisterhood” or networking benefits don’t seem to be really obvious until post-graduation. Definitely a school to consider though, and well, I’m biased too ^_~.

    I’d had the album for a while but had never really seen the video, but I’m quite fond of it too. It reminds me a little of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!

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