A Little Bit of Advice.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 9, 2008

My sister is deep into the college admissions process right now, having just interviewed for her top choice and early admission choice school. Since I’ve been through the process already, I’m a natural source for advice, help, and just for talking about it whenever since it gets annoying to similarly stressed out peers to hear all about it. I have tons to say in general about the entire process, but for now as I prepare to jet off to the library and an afternoon of class, I just wanted to convey this little piece of advice:

Don’t worry too much about the college interview part, at least, alright? Everything else associated with applying to college is stressful enough, and the interview is definitely one part of the process where the simple if slightly cliched advice of “be confident and be yourself” gets you exactly where you want to go. Whether you’re interviewing with an alum or someone in the admissions office, they’re willing to conduct interviews because they love the institution in question. In the context of the interview, they’re practically jumping off their seat with excitement that an accomplished, determined, and interesting young student like you wants to be part of it. When it comes to people who conduct interviews – as well as many of those who process applications – they say without fail that they’re rooting for every applicant they encounter.

Admittedly, for many of the top schools, the number of applicants versus the number of seats will always make it stressful, but please don’t worry yourself sick about the interview at least!

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  1. Little Bow Prep said, on October 12, 2008 at 1:15 am

    I’m scared about the whole process. This year so many of my friends are seniors and applying for college. It frightens me that in one year I’ll be where they are now.

  2. bluewellesleyblue said, on October 15, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    I definitely have trouble remembering how stressful it was (thankfully, it mostly lifts when it’s done though that’s small comfort beforehand, eek!) and urgh, decided this entry missed the boat on being properly reassuring a while after I posted it.

    There’s definitely no way to make it not stressful, but I think one of the biggest things I learned at that time while in the middle of the whole process was that – with almost no exceptions – everyone working with admissions is looking at everything in the most positive of lights possible . They root for pretty much every applicant they look at (and the little procedural mistakes – I made many including filing my financial aid packages late – are usually overlooked :] ).

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