Now That’s Just Art Theft, Y/N?

Posted in the knockoff watch by bluewellesleyblue on October 25, 2008

Forever 21 version on left, Threadless art on right.

Now you know I love Forever 21, but would it kill whomever designed this particular shirt to do a more original version of this Threadless concept from quite a whiles back? With Threadless being so popular – for pretty good reason, with such quirky user-designed tees – its inevitable that bigger companies will sell “quirky” shirts of their own that derive from artists like those that post on Threadless. I don’t know if there are clear cut examples of Urban Outfitters rip-offs of Threadless designs though I think they ripped off other more “indie” t shirt designers at some point. Unfortunately, Johnny Cupcakes (store on Newbury St.) is extraordinarily overpriced, and when I realized they weren’t actually a purveyor of literal cupcakes, any latent desire to ever be their customer vanished.

With Threadless tees already so affordable, especially during one of their sales, there’s no reason to turn to Urban Outfitters at least for one’s quirky graphic t-shirt needs. Forever 21 rivals Threadless pretty well on price, but Forever tees always fit really awkwardly on my frame.


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