Halloween Themed: Charlotte Charles.

Posted in inspirations by bluewellesleyblue on October 27, 2008

Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite recently released shows, currently in its second season on ABC. It’s quirky, fun, and tinged with both colorful sweetness and a fair bit of dark humor. It’s very stylized, and I absolutely adore both of the romantic leads: the Piemaker played by Lee Pace and the girl named Chuck, played by Anna Friel. I couldn’t find any very good screenshots of Chuck’s many adorable outfits, but there is a certain irresistible, kind of 50s or 60s style to them. She wears a lot of floral dresses and bright, bright colors – in keeping with the art direction of this wonderful show – and one of my potential ideas for this or next Halloween is Chuck. After all, I have half the makings of this outfit already!

I’d start with my Stepford Wife floral dress, with the bright blue flowers. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never obtain that ridiculous ribbon flower belt in bright yellow from J Crew, but I can probably add a bright yellow ribbon of my own as a belt, and figure out how to tie a fancy, flouncy bow. With that done, I’d put on some bright jewel tone shoes, preferably with bows as well and add a skinny headband in a coordinating color. I’d have to do my hair for once, but all of the components are things I could easily reuse on the less costume-y days of the year.

Dress by Forever 21, Belt by J Crew, Shoes by Via Spiga, Headband also Forever 21.

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