Alas, Not Cool Enough for Comme des Garcons (for H&M).

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on November 15, 2008

comme-des-garcon-hm-07 comme-des-garcon-hm-24

I went shopping at the Oxford Circus H&M yesterday. Of course, since the remnants of the recently released Comme des Garcons for H&M collection were there, I looked at those too. Most of the jackets and bottoms were completely sold out, so all I got was an eyeful of the solid color and then the polka-dotted button downs. All of the very cool, though not my style, deconstructed pieces were gone, understandably enough. It was a little bit of a pity since I would have loved to try on some of them. (Photos of the full collection found on Nitrolicious.)

coolcommesI ended up grabbing one of the button downs since I doubted I was ever going to get a chance to try such a richly colored polka-dot button down ever again. I wonder if the sort of interviewers I might encounter – Wellesley professors and career center types for our Asia program or law school types – would be impressed if I turned up in one. Somehow, I doubt it, especially if I were to pair it with a ruffled skirt quite like that. Both H&M, both not bought, sadly. I was surprised to see that both pieces – the skirt is just plain old H&M – could actually be quite cute together, if a bit much and not within my usual style.

More H&M shopping fun coming up! Namely, a Leanne from Project Runway-ish skirt and a coat that I bought and now have to make a final decision on…

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