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Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on November 9, 2008

Lately, I’ve been most intrigued by the most basic clothes. I spend most of my shopping time trying on basics like solid or lightly pin-striped button-downs and long, solid-color cardigans. I’m also still on the lookout for the perfect T-shirt. For some reason, the basic T-shirt has always been one of the hardest things for me to find since so many of them fit awkwardly on my frame. High neck crew-neck T shirts, especially if they’re very close fitting, are always a bad idea for me.

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My current favorite T shirt is this one by BDG from Urban Outfitters, pictured at the left. It’s a bit loose, but skims the body pretty closely, which creates a very flattering fit and the V neck isn’t overly low. I’ve heard good things. I’ve heard good things about American Apparel T shirts as well, though I’ll have to try on both the unisex deep V neck (pictured at the right) as well as the regular V neck for women before figuring out if I have a new favorite T shirt.

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It’s odd that I’ve been so into building up my collection of basic items since I usually like to dress fairly girly. Still, I like the effortlessly casual look that comes from pairing a basic T with skinny or straight leg jeans and a cardigan, if it’s cold. I also like the idea of wearing a basic white shirt with a high-waisted skirt, in keeping with the sort of color-blocked dress look that’s all over Forever 21 et al. When it’s with a slightly loose fitting T instead, it feels a little more casual and a little less like one is going clubbing, I guess. This Forever 21 example, however, is also a bit more on the wear in the daytime side, and I quite like it.

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London Things: Pashminas.

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on September 30, 2008

Photo from Flickr.

Now this is by no means an exclusively London or British thing: street vendors and stands all over the US and everywhere in the world have pashmina scarves galore in every imaginable color and pattern and at every price range. I even own one bought from a vendor in Wellesley’s campus center! The ones in the picture, for example, are definitely on the pricier end and they’re everywhere for merely five GBP or even a little less, as in one stand near Covent Garden. Given that unfavorable exchange rate I keep mentioning, outside of H&M and a bit of Uniqlo, my shopping indulgences will be limited to little things like pashmina scarves from street vendors and markets.

What are your preferences when it comes to scarves? For a while I wore almost exclusively faux-Burberry-print plaid scarves though I’ve since fazed them out in favor of solid color scarves because I find them a bit more sophisticated. Still, I’m regularly tempted by patterned scarves as well, including some of the heavily fringed and paisley or ethnic-printed ones they’ve had at H&M for this season.

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Shopping Around: Necklaces.

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on July 21, 2008

To my great sadness, one of my favorite and only necklaces – I’m not a big jewelry person – now has a very tarnished chain. It was a little silver pave ball, and I wore it w/ absolutely everything that it matched since I bought it in freshman year. I don’t have a very good idea of where to go to replace it. One good option for a silver necklace is Swarovski, which offers a nice selection of more moderately priced silver and crystal jewelry. Here are two of the necklaces they offer which I personally like.

These are both very simple designs, which is generally what I look for in jewelry. Sometimes, the idea of a more statement piece like necklace appeals to me as something that could, very easily, make an outfit in an unusual and stylish way. In general, though, I worry about not being able to pull off more interesting jewelry than the very basic necklaces and earrings I tend to wear. In the last year, on the vast majority of days, I wore the same pearl stud earrings, for example.

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What to do With a Metallic Shift Dress?

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on July 11, 2008

At the start of my sophomore year, I had a bit of a shopping addiction problem. I bought many things that I would wear once or twice and then realize that I didn’t like that much, even when I initially made the decision to buy them. One of those things was a metallic shift dress from the Nordstrom’s juniors section in a muted silver. It kind of fell into the trend last winter of metallic party dresses and seems to have been inspired by dresses like the ones pictured above. The fit was not great and I wore it once with black heels and footed tights, but I’m still kind of wondering what I was thinking. I have trouble wearing it without thinking immediately of science fiction and alien princesses, and that is not really me at all.

Still, if I ever get the chance, I think I might try pairing it with a white button down since the shape resembles something you could wear to work that way if it happened to be a more muted color and fabric. With a black jacket and heels, and maybe the black footed tights again and some more conservative accessories, the ridiculousness of that dress might get toned down a bit.

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Recently Discovered: The Joys of a Pencil Skirt

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on July 5, 2008

For the longest time, I absolutely refused to even consider the idea of wearing a pencil skirt. As someone with a little heft in the chest department, I was uncomfortable wearing skirts that didn’t flare out enough to balance that out. Yesterday, though, I tried on a pencil skirt at H and M and was floored by how flattering it was for everything from the waist down. I’m still in the process of figuring out what to pair it with, though I’ve definitely figured out that  can’t tuck shirts into the waist because of said balance issue. Belting a fairly close-fitting top with a cinch belt seems to work, though it isn’t really emphasizing the way the pencil skirt flatters the legs very well.

Pictures later. In addition, Happy 4th of July!

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