Yes, it’s Called the “Fuck Truck.”

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 29, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of Jezebel. I check it several times per day, usually when I should be working. That being said, their blogging team does fumble sometimes, and their commentary on a brief New York Times piece about a small group of Wellesley College republicans campaigning for McCain really annoys me. That part about the “Fuck Truck” is just gratuitous.

Yes, guys, it’s called the “Fuck Truck” and us Wellesley ladies use the term as well with a generous eye-roll or a chuckle. During the week, it runs into Boston primarily for students who are cross-registered at MIT. During the weekend it stops at Harvard Square, the MIT student center, and one end of Newbury St. Admittedly, the latter two stops are in close proximity to MIT’s fraternities, but it’s also the most affordable way to get into centrally located parts of the city. Or do you expect all students to spend nearly ten dollars per round trip into the city via a Commuter Rail that stops running around ten on weekend nights if they don’t have a car?

Maybe I sound like someone who takes themselves and their home institution too seriously, but I just hate the way Wellesley and women’s colleges’ social aspects in general are regarded differently. Other suburban schools have city shuttles too, many of them stopping at similarly central locations. Coed schools actually have frats. They also have parties and students who prefer to spend some weekend nights there or in out in the city generally instead of on campus. Naturally, so does Wellesley. It just shouldn’t have to come up especially in discussion somewhere like Jezebel where people are pretty rage-y liberal feminists, which I’m all in favor of.


The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on August 31, 2008

1. Everyone’s probably back to school now, including my Wellesley friends who don’t happen to be going abroad. In truth, I’m kind of missing school too. I was busy most of the summer, but I’ve also had about two or three weeks lazing around at home, and I’m ready to get back to work! The start of school is the perfect excuse for getting a new tote bag, which is an infinitely cooler way to carry one’s books than a backpack. (Of course, if one has a lot of heavy textbooks, it’s best just to use the backpack to avoid injury.) While I’m just going to pack a more formal and business wear-appropriate tote during my semester abroad, I am quite fond of keeping around a fun and casual tote for class. Colorful prints or materials like canvas or straw can be very cute.

Betseyville Tote, $45.00.

2. The new O.P.I. for Sephora nail polish line is quite fun to play around with in the store. They are a bit pricey because they are salon-quality, but wow, just from trying it in the store, there is a difference. Since they go on to the nail very thick and smooth, it’s easy even for someone with clumsy hands like mine to do their nails neatly with higher quality nail polish. When compared to the price of several manicures, $9 a bottle is not too bad. They also offer a top coat, a base coat, and other odds and ends so that you can really do your own manicure. I probably won’t be investing in this since I get tired of individual colors so quickly, but if you can find a roommate or two to split it with and plan on using it for a while, the pricing is not too bad at all.

3. I hope no former Hillary supporter is fooled by McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate. I was a Hillary supporter myself, but will of course be voting for Obama come November. I am not particularly enthused about Obama as a candidate. I am, however, well aware, that the Democratic candidate I liked less is still a far lesser evil than McCain/Palin when it comes to actual women’s issues like the right to choice. I’ll step off my soapbox now, but the argument that people will vote Republican just because they have a woman on the ticket makes me so angry. No one’s going to be fooled by that transparent a ploy from the Republican party. It’s just like those articles that argue that today’s teenage girls or just today’s teenagers or children do stupid things just because of what’s on TV or what’s going on with some specific, little groups of people.

4. I am almost completely recovered from my wisdom teeth extraction! I do not actually have dry socket, which is a relief. The recovery process for getting wisdom teeth out is actually not that big a deal at all, I just have very little else to complain about, and I quite like complaining.

5. I have the biggest urge to start browsing thrift stores because of the way some bloggers out there are able to incorporate thrift store pieces into their outfits so well. Unfortunately, those seem to be in very short supply in the California bay area. In the Boston area, I’m only familiar with the likes of Second Time Around and other still kind of pricey, swanky places that have locations in the Newbury Street area, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more options in both my home locales.

Until next week, stay stylish!

What I Wore: Early Spring.

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Cardigan from Express, T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Skinny jeans from Hollister, Flats from Kenneth Cole, Yellow cross-body bag from China.

I am really, really missing the cooler weather since I really hate the heat. It makes me feel too tired to come up with good outfits. This is an outfit from early Spring while I was at school. My younger sister, who will be going through the college-application process this year, was visiting me because she wants to go to MIT. She’s definitely the more hard-working and science and math oriented between the two of us. It cannot be denied, however, that Wellesley is a supremely good undergraduate institution.

I definitely wear those skinny jeans too much, from winter to summer. I do really like skinny jeans, but the Hollister ones are super cheap and so they do get a little weird, wrinkly, and stretched out very quickly.

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A Would-be Fashionista’s Worst Nightmare.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 11, 2008

Why yes, I am breaking my hiatus early. I came home to the California Bay Area on Friday, and now I’m pretty well settled in. I have full length mirrors and well-lit room options galore as well as the entirety of my spring and summer wardrobe at hand, so more “what I wore” posts are likely to be forthcoming.

I really do love flying Jetblue most of the time. The one thing I hate about the journey between school and home is that the connection, if I’m forced to take one by pricing, is through JFK Airport in New York. In my experience, that airport is always hell to transfer through. In winter, my flight from California was held up at the tarmac for about forty minutes because we had no gate to disembark from. Just now, I believe there was a storm, and so they weren’t allowing any flights into New York. I was in danger of missing my connection to California, but they put me on the direct flight instead.

Then they lost my bag, and for about fourteen hours, I was mourning the loss of my things. It’s not super important, of course, but I think anyone who puts a lot of effort into bargain hunting or shopping in general would be a little mortified when they realize their bag’s been lost in transit. I couldn’t help but think of this or that thing I got for an awesome deal or that H&M thing or Forever 21 thing – once it’s gone, it won’t be found again – since well, I did put some effort into shopping for everything. Anyway, they got my bag back, so I’m happy.

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