This is How I Procrastinate.

Posted in london calling by bluewellesleyblue on November 8, 2008

Though I managed to do a little bit of academic work today while sipping on yet another Gingerbread Latte, I spent most of my afternoon ogling planners for the year 2009. Due to severe sophomore slump for the first part of the year, I’m admittedly more than a little ready to put 2008 behind me, though my summer ended up being low-key but productive and study abroad here in London has been eye-opening. The only sad part of rushing through the last two months of 2008 would be leaving London, but I think I’m finding that one semester away from the land of Wellesley is enough. I’ll miss my wonderful, lively, and diverse group of flat-mates, but I’m also re-energized and fully prepared to take the year 2009 by storm. Anyway, I’m the type of person who needs to write out and plan everything, hence my fondness for planners. I ended up splurging a bit on a day-by-day planner even though I wasn’t able to effectively use one in the past. I’m hoping it’ll inspire me to be intense enough to fill most of its pages.

butterfly-diaryI ended up buying a very plainly designed one though there were many classy and colorful ones available at the local bookstore. The Paperchase line from borders offers a lot of cover options, and both their weekly planners and day ones are quite nice. I really liked this weekly planner with a sort of Asian-inspired embroidered butterfly print.

Ultimately, though I went with the slightly hefty Moleskine day planner. My attachment to the cult of Moleskine grows every time I need to buy a notebook. Admittedly, it was a bit pricey – I paid 15.50 GBP which is a bit more than the Paperchase equivalents were going for – but it sure feels as if you get what you pay for when you write in any Moleskine. Since the planner starts with January 1, 2009, I won’t be using it much yet, but I’ve been happily filling in next year’s vacation days, reading period start and end times, and so on so forth. All of this is so that I can procrastinate just a little bit more.

But hey, I deserve it. It’s reading week, which still kind of counts as a vacation.

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Yes, it’s Called the “Fuck Truck.”

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 29, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of Jezebel. I check it several times per day, usually when I should be working. That being said, their blogging team does fumble sometimes, and their commentary on a brief New York Times piece about a small group of Wellesley College republicans campaigning for McCain really annoys me. That part about the “Fuck Truck” is just gratuitous.

Yes, guys, it’s called the “Fuck Truck” and us Wellesley ladies use the term as well with a generous eye-roll or a chuckle. During the week, it runs into Boston primarily for students who are cross-registered at MIT. During the weekend it stops at Harvard Square, the MIT student center, and one end of Newbury St. Admittedly, the latter two stops are in close proximity to MIT’s fraternities, but it’s also the most affordable way to get into centrally located parts of the city. Or do you expect all students to spend nearly ten dollars per round trip into the city via a Commuter Rail that stops running around ten on weekend nights if they don’t have a car?

Maybe I sound like someone who takes themselves and their home institution too seriously, but I just hate the way Wellesley and women’s colleges’ social aspects in general are regarded differently. Other suburban schools have city shuttles too, many of them stopping at similarly central locations. Coed schools actually have frats. They also have parties and students who prefer to spend some weekend nights there or in out in the city generally instead of on campus. Naturally, so does Wellesley. It just shouldn’t have to come up especially in discussion somewhere like Jezebel where people are pretty rage-y liberal feminists, which I’m all in favor of.

I Feel Your Pain Guys…

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 28, 2008

To everyone applying early action for college: I am feeling your pain so much. The State Department internship application is due on November 3rd. Only, they will not likely be responding in any way until long after the passing of 2009.

EDIT: Silly me, 2500 characters and not 2500 words, which makes it a fairly conventional sized personal statement. I then had to cut down a fair bit since I was going on 750-800 words rather than the roughly 500 that is then permitted. Haha.

I am writing a personal statement right now, and it is great fun, except that it’s not. It’s also maximum 2500 words, which is odd to me, given that an average personal statement for anything else is one page or roughly 600 words at the absolute most. 2500 words is longer than some of the academic papers you’ll do early in your undergraduate career. Do they actually read every 2500 word opus to an applicant’s qualifications?

Who even knows.

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What’s Your Story?

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 15, 2008

I’m getting a gigantic taste of application-process related stresses lately, between assisting my younger sister with her Early Action application to MIT – wish her luck! if she succeeds we will be a brief bus or commuter rail ride away from each other, which might be too close and will hopefully allow me to poach her older male friends as a dating pool (just kidding!) – and doing some applications of my own. Again, this is going to be a kind of self-indulgent, and very off-topic (relative to fashion) post.

Fun fact for those of you with an academic interest in international relations: the State Department application comes due at the end of October the year before you want to intern. That one is particularly difficult unless daddy dearest is an ambassador, but oh well, I must do what I must. Formatting and writing up my resume is one of my least favorite tasks in the world, even if it’s pretty much only done once a year. This begins my application season for next summer.

My personal strategy for applications in general is not a particularly lofty or exciting one, but then again, when it comes to schools and larger programs I’m always in a position where I can only really hope to be one of the under the radar candidates who rounds out the general group. (more…)

A Little Bit of Advice.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 9, 2008

My sister is deep into the college admissions process right now, having just interviewed for her top choice and early admission choice school. Since I’ve been through the process already, I’m a natural source for advice, help, and just for talking about it whenever since it gets annoying to similarly stressed out peers to hear all about it. I have tons to say in general about the entire process, but for now as I prepare to jet off to the library and an afternoon of class, I just wanted to convey this little piece of advice:

Don’t worry too much about the college interview part, at least, alright? Everything else associated with applying to college is stressful enough, and the interview is definitely one part of the process where the simple if slightly cliched advice of “be confident and be yourself” gets you exactly where you want to go. Whether you’re interviewing with an alum or someone in the admissions office, they’re willing to conduct interviews because they love the institution in question. In the context of the interview, they’re practically jumping off their seat with excitement that an accomplished, determined, and interesting young student like you wants to be part of it. When it comes to people who conduct interviews – as well as many of those who process applications – they say without fail that they’re rooting for every applicant they encounter.

Admittedly, for many of the top schools, the number of applicants versus the number of seats will always make it stressful, but please don’t worry yourself sick about the interview at least!

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