Window-Shopping at Shopbop.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on October 31, 2008

Though the exchange rate has improved for travelers from the States. British pricing is still a major deterrent to shopping for myself while I’m here. Expensive clothes here are probably going to have an expansionary effect on my shopping in the long run – an unintended consequence – since whenever I see a legitimately forty or fifty dollar top now, part of me is going to think that I would never find anything that good for that kind of price in Britain, so why shouldn’t I get it? I’ll still do my best to be responsible, of course. However, shopping is admittedly a small vice of mine.

In that spirit, I was browsing Shopbop’s selection of 70% off sale products – anything less and I tend not to be able to afford it – and before I’d clicked through even half of it, I’d seen so many things that I would totally consider buying. Here are the best of my picks.

The Karta dress on the left is now $93.60. I love the print and the cut – it hints at the sophistication of something one might wear to an inauguration, yet that floral applique makes it very young and a bit of a statement piece as well. Admittedly, as a final sale piece it is a bit of a risk. Those resin pieces that make up the flower look tasteful on the site, but it might sit differently on a real person? That Nanette Lepore little black dress is now $118.50, which is quite a steal. I can’t help but ooh and ahh over little black dresses, though I have more than enough in my closet. Both dresses are in shapes that should be alright on curvier figures.

Summer has, admittedly, passed, but simple tank tops like these will never be completely out of style. The Juicy tank top at the left is brightly colored and I love the details on the straps and hem. It now retails for $50.40 which is admittedly a bit much for a tank top, but is not that excessive if you go into it knowing it is still a splurge. I’ve only recently discovered that I can, indeed, wear white clothes – I’d avoided them throughout my high school years because white is usually less flattering than dark colors – and so I can’t resist that Ella Moss tank. It now sells for $35.10.

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Outfit Post: Two Wrongs Make an Almost-Right.

Posted in shopping advice, what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 19, 2008

Black dress, brand unknown, from TJMaxx; Muted silver “brocade” print dress from Fire LA and Nordstrom’s juniors section; Belt from Urban Outfitters, Brown leather flats from Jessica Bennett.

Not exactly a “what I wore” post because the weather is a bit too warm and the silver dress is a cheap material, so it doesn’t breathe well. The silver dress, especially, is an example of what happens when one doesn’t shop cautiously. I refer to it only half-jokingly as my alien princess dress. Since the material is cheap, the fit is unwieldy. It was not a good buying decision, as the fit was awkward even when I tried it on.

The black dress is alright, but cap sleeves aren’t too flattering on my figure, and the turtle neck and short cap sleeve combination makes it a bit odd. Still, I do very much like the way its fuller skirt forms a kind of ruffle around the bottom of the silver dress.

I’ve learned my lesson since then, and am now much more careful about what I spend money on. Never compromise on fit, no matter how good the price is, otherwise it’s going to be hard to bring yourself to wear something enough to justify buying it at all. The black dress has never been worn in public and the silver was worn only once, to a party. Still, some creative layering brings a spark of new life to any piece.

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A Touch of Stepford…

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on July 30, 2008

… As in the Stepford Wives. Or rather, that’s the feeling I get when I put on this dress. It’s Forever 21 and doesn’t look like much online, but it fits surprisingly well and looks incredible for being an under thirty dollars dress. Not to say sticker price means much, but I’ve definitely tried on far pricier things that did not fit quite so well.

If I were going full out for the 1950s housewife look – the style is something I find vaguely appealing – I’d wear it with heels, a cropped cardigan, and pearls.

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For Shame: Juicy Couture Tiered Dress.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on July 13, 2008

The dress adorned all the way up and down the front with a ruffle or a fringe is already something I consider a dubious proposition. It could be cute, but for certain body shapes (and probably mine), it could easily be a disaster. If you must put a fringe or ruffles all the way up and down a dress, why not put them on both the front and back? To have those adornments on the front of the dress only makes it look cheap and unfinished (which you see often on Forever 21 clothes with similar adornments and also this Express dress in the stores.

If you’re going to charge nearly two hundred dollars for such a dress, the least you could do if you must use those ruffles is to have them be continuous with the back of the dress. Even the Express version of such a dress does that for the consumer.

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What to do With a Metallic Shift Dress?

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on July 11, 2008

At the start of my sophomore year, I had a bit of a shopping addiction problem. I bought many things that I would wear once or twice and then realize that I didn’t like that much, even when I initially made the decision to buy them. One of those things was a metallic shift dress from the Nordstrom’s juniors section in a muted silver. It kind of fell into the trend last winter of metallic party dresses and seems to have been inspired by dresses like the ones pictured above. The fit was not great and I wore it once with black heels and footed tights, but I’m still kind of wondering what I was thinking. I have trouble wearing it without thinking immediately of science fiction and alien princesses, and that is not really me at all.

Still, if I ever get the chance, I think I might try pairing it with a white button down since the shape resembles something you could wear to work that way if it happened to be a more muted color and fabric. With a black jacket and heels, and maybe the black footed tights again and some more conservative accessories, the ridiculousness of that dress might get toned down a bit.

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