Too Cute: Gap Kids Holiday in Plaid.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on October 3, 2008

I try very hard to be a self-sufficient high-power career woman in the making. Still, sometimes when I’m studying late into the night I daydream about being a stay-at-home mom with money to burn, with no obligations but making the house and the kids nice, neat, and pretty. (By the way, I know it isn’t that simple – I fully appreciate how hard my mother has worked throughout my life, even when she wasn’t working during my toddler and early elementary school years!) One of the main reasons is just that kid’s clothes are so ridiculously adorable.

I’m not really buying into the plaid trend which seems big for this year’s Fall/Winter season. Plaid coats are nice sometimes, and I would adore a plaid three-quarter-length coat, but since I still haven’t found one, it’s just a nice thought. Still, if I had a small child, I’d love to dress them up in some of Gap Kids’ most recent offerings. I swear, if I wear a mom, I’d want to buy all of it.

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Randomly Loving: The Dooney and Bourke “Alto” Collection.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on September 28, 2008

When I think about what my next handbag investment might be – I try to choose wisely since I buy bags so rarely, my last purchase was more than a year ago! – I rarely think about Dooney and Bourke bags as an option. For the most part, their bags seem to be either slightly frumpy and old lady in the case of the more subdued monogram bags or very childish as in the case of the bee bags or the colorful monogram ones. I’ve recently encountered the tassel bag from their Alto collection, however, and I’m quite impressed. The entire line is very simple and very classy, though the designs definitely suit a person whose on the older end of being a student.

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I Love: Flowers and Bows.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on August 21, 2008

Top and skirt on sale from Anthropologie. Necklace from Dylan Harris for Target. Flats from Old Navy.

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I Love: Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Evening.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on July 22, 2008

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a Marc by Marc Jacobs store, you probably already know about the cheaper Jacobs for Marc Jacobs stuff that they stock at those stores. Right now, on the Marc Jacobs website under “Special Items” you can see some of the things they’ll be offering or are in stock now, and I am really coveting these pins and that clutch with a chain. Unfortunately, I didn’t see these things when I was in the store this past weekend, but rest assured, I will be checking these things out the next time I make a trip into Boston, which will be this Thursday morning for a free Augustana concert at the Prudential Center. I’m super excited – they’re one of my current favorite bands!

The best thing about all of these things? Every one pictured is cheaper than fifty dollars. They are, however, only available at brick and mortar Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.

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I Love: The 1920s.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on July 8, 2008

Ever since the Lynbrook Class of 2006’s homecoming skit for 2004 was themed around the Roaring ’20s, I’ve been a huge fan of the general look. Lucky for me, it’s pretty easy at any point in time to find accessories and shoes that are vaguely consistent with the flapper look. As for the dress – I know Forever 21 and H&M both did fringed dresses sometime recently, though both have disappeared from the racks a while back – depending on how literally you want to take it, I hear its pretty easy to make your own with the right-shaped solid color dress and some fringe from the craft store.

Urban Outfitters has come up with a lot of feather hairpieces that are 1920s-inspired. If you poke around on Etsy, you’re also likely to find a large number of options.

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