Back to Basics.

Posted in how i wear by bluewellesleyblue on November 9, 2008

Lately, I’ve been most intrigued by the most basic clothes. I spend most of my shopping time trying on basics like solid or lightly pin-striped button-downs and long, solid-color cardigans. I’m also still on the lookout for the perfect T-shirt. For some reason, the basic T-shirt has always been one of the hardest things for me to find since so many of them fit awkwardly on my frame. High neck crew-neck T shirts, especially if they’re very close fitting, are always a bad idea for me.

basics1 basics21

My current favorite T shirt is this one by BDG from Urban Outfitters, pictured at the left. It’s a bit loose, but skims the body pretty closely, which creates a very flattering fit and the V neck isn’t overly low. I’ve heard good things. I’ve heard good things about American Apparel T shirts as well, though I’ll have to try on both the unisex deep V neck (pictured at the right) as well as the regular V neck for women before figuring out if I have a new favorite T shirt.

basics3 basics41

It’s odd that I’ve been so into building up my collection of basic items since I usually like to dress fairly girly. Still, I like the effortlessly casual look that comes from pairing a basic T with skinny or straight leg jeans and a cardigan, if it’s cold. I also like the idea of wearing a basic white shirt with a high-waisted skirt, in keeping with the sort of color-blocked dress look that’s all over Forever 21 et al. When it’s with a slightly loose fitting T instead, it feels a little more casual and a little less like one is going clubbing, I guess. This Forever 21 example, however, is also a bit more on the wear in the daytime side, and I quite like it.

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Getting an Early Start on Fall.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on September 9, 2008

Scarf and Beret, both from Urban Outfitters on Sale.

I’ve already mentioned how much I love the accessories and styles associated with fall and winter. One of the things I absolutely cannot get enough of is scarves: solid colored ones are nice and very classy – I’m partial to white or shocking pink against the gray, brown, or black of a coat – but then again, slightly boho “ethnic” prints are also nice, as is plaid. Beyond the wide range of colors and patterns, there’s also fringe all around scarves and ruffled scarves to provide a more interesting touch. Scarves are just such a fun and easy way of adding interest and variety to a cold-weather outfit.

Sadly, I don’t have quite as much luck with hats – some head shapes are good with fedoras, newsboy caps, and the like and some not so much – but in my experience, a nice beret suits most people. I have the above beret in white and I can’t wait to bring it out when the weather gets cooler.

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Perfume Review: Satu Plum Nectar from Anthropologie.

Posted in beauty products by bluewellesleyblue on August 22, 2008

I have been absolutely, dizzyingly in love with this scent for months. Though I’ve yet to buy it or the more affordable rollerball, I’ve tried it on no less than six times using the testers at the Anthropologie store. The Satu brand is an Anthropologie exclusive available there. The Satu fragrances are fairly affordable relative to other upper-end eau de parfums at roughly fifty dollars for a full 3.4 fl oz. Outside of the rollerball, that’s the only size option.

In general, the Satu fragrances are fruity or floral and very, very light. The “Plum Nectar” is a bit sweet, and though one of the notes is allegedly something called “blackberry patchouli” – a gimmick, really – I don’t get any of patchouli’s spice from it at any point. I do get a light sort of vanilla musk from this fragrance throughout it’s opening, which makes it a bit more complex than other simple, fruity perfumes. Not that it is a particularly complex perfume, but it is not very in your face fruity at all, despite the name.

Though this is a very light scent, it has fairly good lasting power. I can still smell it on my wrist up to three hours after a spritz. It’s very pleasant throughout, if a bit predictable, just the same light and fruity sweetness getting progressively lighter the whole way through.

The bottle is absolutely lovely. I imagine this being a perfect scent for summer as well as fall and winter because of the warmth of the vanilla-y musk in the opening. I have the Body Butter (most likely on sale right now at your local Anthropologie if they still have it at all), which layered beautifully with Dior J’adore. I personally think this particular perfume fits my girly-going-on-mature style pretty well.

What I (Would) Wear: That H&M Faux Leather Bomber.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 5, 2008

Faux leather bomber jacket from H&M, Pink floral applique top from Forever 21, Skinny jeans from Hollister, Black eyelet flats from Gap.

Alas, though that faux leather bomber from H&M was cute, I ultimately tried it on several times and found that it was just not my style. I like when it can be paired with longer and more flow-y tops (as a more fitted, shorter jacket, the contrast is nice), especially those with a feminine touch like this pink top with large rosettes all around the front collar (more contrasts). However, I just didn’t have enough to do with this piece and so I ended up returning it yesterday at H&M.

Fall/Winter stuff is trickling into the Newbury Street H&M very, very slowly. I don’t think I’ll still be here when some of the more wool peacoat like jackets come in, which makes me a little sad because I am quite fond of wool coats.

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My Makeup Routine.

Posted in beauty products by bluewellesleyblue on August 2, 2008

Wow, that’s a lot of product.

I find it very interesting to note how other people do their makeup, so I thought I’d post a bit about my routine. Doing makeup in the summer, in the midst of all the heat and humidity that is inherent to the Boston area summer, has been a bit of a trial. I’ve had to modify the routine I use during the school year a bit. Pictured above is pretty much everything I need to try and make myself presentable.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have great skin. It’s been especially bad this summer, which makes various kind of expensive over the counter skincare products an absolute necessity to keep the blemishes down to a point where they can be easily obscured by makeup. I ended up buying all three of the products I mentioned in my last post about skincare, but it has been working. I might end up going to the doctor again as well, either for birth control to regulate my hormones a bit or for antibiotics, whichever they prescribe.

I’ve actually only tried two foundations since I started really doing makeup. Bareminerals was recommended to me by a friend, and I haven’t switched since that time. I actually don’t get very good coverage from Bareminerals, even when I use their concealer brush and powder (the latter is bought separately from the starter kit, which is a pretty good value for everything else). However, since my skin is so sensitive, I find that Bareminerals has worked well enough that I don’t think of switching. A good moisturizer is a necessity, however, since it can emphasize skin dryness if it’s there.

Before I even start with that, however, it’s especially important in the summer to use one of those Clean and Clear sheets or a similar product. It doesn’t even seem to matter if I wash my face immediately before doing makeup, since there’s still shine – probably the summer heat again. I’ve also been using the Clinique pore minimizer with T-zone shine control, which is also a pretty good product for it’s purpose.

I’m actually in the market for a new eyeliner, though for now, my drug-store brand one will do. I really like liquid eyeliners, though applying them has taken a lot of practice. I actually haven’t been using much eyeshadow at all this summer though I usually use some black to further open up my eyes. Alas, like many Asians, I have pretty small eyes and no double fold on my eyelid, so eye makeup in general is a bit difficult. Other little things: MAC blush and a bit of NARS or Smashbox lipgloss. Also, perfume.

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We Now Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on July 30, 2008

… To bring you all a question so important it is almost a matter of life and death… Except that it isn’t at all. Alright, excuse the extreme self-indulgence, but while I avoided the vast majority of body image issues from high school through early college because I cared so much more about being a debater universally feared (that never happened, by the way), my hair has always been a major sticking point. I have very thick and kind of frizzy hair, which is fairly unusual in an Asian. and I have never quite been able to figure out what to do with it especially as my chemically straightened hair is growing out and I don’t plan on getting it done that way again (it was months before it looked normal).

Right now, the question is: generic side-swept long bangs or none at all? I can’t decide. The pictures offer glimpses of my life, both recent and not so much and also offer a direct comparison.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on July 23, 2008

Now that the daily thunderstorms we had earlier this summer in Boston have started up again, I’m reminded of the way most of the school year here in New England involves a great deal of rain. Bad for me and other when we’re caught in the middle of it without an umbrella, but good if you’re like me in considering coats, boots, and the other accoutrements of cold and wet weather amongst your favorite types of clothes and shoes. In that spirit, I’ve looked for some relatively affordable and relatively rain-appropriate shoes and coats.

The printed rainboots are especially cute. I owned a pair of black and white houndstooth rainboots for most of the year, and ended up donating them out because the print wasn’t really me. These boots, however, are a sedate, but still very cute print that I would love to wear anyday that rain seems a possibility – which is most days here in the greater Boston area. Suede and like materials don’t usually do well in rainy weather, but the suede-like material Urban Outfitters uses in its boots actually withstands the rain fairly well. I know this from a pair I bought on ebay last semester and wearing them in the rain.

If similar coats that my friends here have are any indication, these wool coats from the Nordstroms junior section should be fairly thin and fit for earlier autumn and later spring. If you like them, grab them soon before the Anniversary Sale ends!

Printed Rainboots from Urban Outfitters. Suede Boots also from Urban Outfitters.

Cream Wool Coat from Nordstroms. Plaid Coat also from Nordstroms.

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