Now That’s Just Art Theft, Y/N?

Posted in the knockoff watch by bluewellesleyblue on October 25, 2008

Forever 21 version on left, Threadless art on right.

Now you know I love Forever 21, but would it kill whomever designed this particular shirt to do a more original version of this Threadless concept from quite a whiles back? With Threadless being so popular – for pretty good reason, with such quirky user-designed tees – its inevitable that bigger companies will sell “quirky” shirts of their own that derive from artists like those that post on Threadless. I don’t know if there are clear cut examples of Urban Outfitters rip-offs of Threadless designs though I think they ripped off other more “indie” t shirt designers at some point. Unfortunately, Johnny Cupcakes (store on Newbury St.) is extraordinarily overpriced, and when I realized they weren’t actually a purveyor of literal cupcakes, any latent desire to ever be their customer vanished.

With Threadless tees already so affordable, especially during one of their sales, there’s no reason to turn to Urban Outfitters at least for one’s quirky graphic t-shirt needs. Forever 21 rivals Threadless pretty well on price, but Forever tees always fit really awkwardly on my frame.


The Knockoff Watch: Dip-Dyed Skirts

Posted in the knockoff watch by bluewellesleyblue on August 23, 2008

Graham and Spencer skirt, $122 on sale at Nordstrom. Forever 21 skirt $23.

No actual copyright issue here because the skirts are sufficiently different, and the colors in question are wildly different as well. Still, when I saw the dip-dyed skirts at the store, I couldn’t help but think of the Graham and Spencer skirt which is, in my mind, too expensive even after going on sale for a piece that has fairly little versatility.

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In my Bag.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on July 29, 2008

My version of an “In my Bag,” post. This summer especially, I’ve tended towards using larger bags since I usually bring some of my research with me and then I also need a notebook to take notes in. I also have a kind of fatty wallet as opposed to a small one, which you can also see. Moleskine notebooks are awesome and worth every penny, as someone who has gone through a bajillion and a half other notebooks, never using any for as long as I’ve been using my Moleskine. At any given time, I usually have more than just old Commuter Rail receipts hanging out as litter in the bottom of my bag – movie ticket stubs, receipts, and hastily scrawled notes about this or that, are usually in there as well. That is, indeed, my cell phone. Our family plan contract expires later this summer, and this time I’m opting for a newer and shinier choice from the ones that come free with the contract. At the time I got the phone two years ago, it was already old, egads. Music on my commute or on my walks is something I can’t live without.

My choice of bag also marks me as one of those horrible, terrible, no-good purveyors of counterfeit goods. In my defense, the differences between my bag – a gift from my beloved Papa from a business trip to China – and the one it is ripping off are fairly vast and easily recognized by anyone familiar with the real Miu Miu Coffer. The leather on the authentic Miu Miu is far, far nicer-looking from ten, twenty, and probably even fifty paces away. This color was never used on any authentic Miu Miu bag that I know of. Additionally, there is not a single ill-gotten and fake logo anywhere on this bag. Even so, the people familiar with the designer prototype that I pass while using this bag on Newbury Street are probably judging me anyway, but I find that I don’t care. This bag looks nice with most of my winter and summer wardrobes both, and I’ll likely keep carrying it until it falls apart.

The Knockoff Watch: Apple Watches

Posted in the knockoff watch by bluewellesleyblue on July 1, 2008

Look it’s a pun! A really bad one, but still. It’s fitting that my first “knockoff watch” post will be… about watches! Anyway, I noticed the Marc Jacobs fruit pendant watches months ago while I was thinking about whether I wanted to invest in a watch at all. I didn’t end up doing it, and well, now Forever 21 comes up with a version that is actually a near perfect copy of the green apple watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs that you see above (except for the color, that is). The details on the watch face are definitely different, but otherwise, it can be difficult to tell them apart at twenty paces.

As a poor college student I really don’t mind knockoffs all that much, though it does make me a bit squirmy when the resemblance is so uncanny that a lawsuit seems like an easy choice. I’m still vaguely tempted by the Forever 21 version though, since a fruit necklace watch really isn’t a 150-dollar-like-it thing.

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