The First Gingerbread Latte of the Season, and Other Things.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on November 8, 2008


1. Even if the first five days of November are far too early to bring out the Christmas decorations, the Christmas treats, and the Christmas drinks to the tunes of constant Christmas carols – standardized Starbucks Christmas marketing – I can’t resist having my first Gingerbread Latte of the season. Yes, it’s a touch overpriced, and even if I can see the flecks of cinnamon and nutmeg, I can’t taste them, but it’s a comfort drink that reminds me of home. To be completely honest, Costa Coffee’s Cinnamon Latte is probably a better slightly spiced espresso drink. Still, it’s a taste of home!

I’m showing off my books as well. My summer research has pretty much directed me to my potential thesis topic.

2. Via Stylebubble, the very day after I turn in all my term evaluation papers, I could potentially celebrate with a jaunt to the Angels Big Vintage Clothing Sale. I’ve never bought anything vintage and am not quite as creative as many of the lovely fashion bloggers I follow, but it should be quite an adventure. At 10 GBP a medium bag, I’m sure I’d be able to find something to bring home and make it all worth it. Maybe this will be just the thing to lift me out of my fashion fatigue.

scaryboot3. I’m in the unenviable position of realizing that all my ballet flats are reaching near unwearable levels of wear and tear. I haven’t seen any cute pairs worth buying recently, but out of necessity, I’ll have to look harder. Of course, between rainy London and soon to be snowy and icy Boston, I won’t actually be wearing my ballet flats much for quite some time. Come the post-Christmas sales, I’ll definitely have my eye out for a good pair of leather boots.

Am I the only one who didn’t – for the longest time – understand the appeal of leather boots at all? I always feel like they make my feet look like boats, and since I’m kind of short and short-legged for my shoe size, they just don’t seem to work that well on me. Also, I find the really high-heeled and pointy-toed boots to be a little scary looking. It’s probably just me.


The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on August 31, 2008

1. Everyone’s probably back to school now, including my Wellesley friends who don’t happen to be going abroad. In truth, I’m kind of missing school too. I was busy most of the summer, but I’ve also had about two or three weeks lazing around at home, and I’m ready to get back to work! The start of school is the perfect excuse for getting a new tote bag, which is an infinitely cooler way to carry one’s books than a backpack. (Of course, if one has a lot of heavy textbooks, it’s best just to use the backpack to avoid injury.) While I’m just going to pack a more formal and business wear-appropriate tote during my semester abroad, I am quite fond of keeping around a fun and casual tote for class. Colorful prints or materials like canvas or straw can be very cute.

Betseyville Tote, $45.00.

2. The new O.P.I. for Sephora nail polish line is quite fun to play around with in the store. They are a bit pricey because they are salon-quality, but wow, just from trying it in the store, there is a difference. Since they go on to the nail very thick and smooth, it’s easy even for someone with clumsy hands like mine to do their nails neatly with higher quality nail polish. When compared to the price of several manicures, $9 a bottle is not too bad. They also offer a top coat, a base coat, and other odds and ends so that you can really do your own manicure. I probably won’t be investing in this since I get tired of individual colors so quickly, but if you can find a roommate or two to split it with and plan on using it for a while, the pricing is not too bad at all.

3. I hope no former Hillary supporter is fooled by McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate. I was a Hillary supporter myself, but will of course be voting for Obama come November. I am not particularly enthused about Obama as a candidate. I am, however, well aware, that the Democratic candidate I liked less is still a far lesser evil than McCain/Palin when it comes to actual women’s issues like the right to choice. I’ll step off my soapbox now, but the argument that people will vote Republican just because they have a woman on the ticket makes me so angry. No one’s going to be fooled by that transparent a ploy from the Republican party. It’s just like those articles that argue that today’s teenage girls or just today’s teenagers or children do stupid things just because of what’s on TV or what’s going on with some specific, little groups of people.

4. I am almost completely recovered from my wisdom teeth extraction! I do not actually have dry socket, which is a relief. The recovery process for getting wisdom teeth out is actually not that big a deal at all, I just have very little else to complain about, and I quite like complaining.

5. I have the biggest urge to start browsing thrift stores because of the way some bloggers out there are able to incorporate thrift store pieces into their outfits so well. Unfortunately, those seem to be in very short supply in the California bay area. In the Boston area, I’m only familiar with the likes of Second Time Around and other still kind of pricey, swanky places that have locations in the Newbury Street area, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more options in both my home locales.

Until next week, stay stylish!

The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on August 24, 2008

1. I discovered that Old Navy has oodles of absolutely adorable flats currently up for sale. I’m still a proponent of shoes generally being worth a slight splurge combined with judicious shopping in the sale section. However, when it comes to flats, I do have about as much luck with the pricier ones as with the more budget-friendly ones.

2. I was quite surprised to find that fashion blogging was so popular amongst the younger teenage set – to the point where I’m practically an old lady in comparison! – but then I figured out that it was because I hadn’t been exploring new fashion blogs enough. Silly me. Now I must be more conscientious about surfing around for new fashion blogs to read. There’s so much talent out there.

3. I am scheduled for wisdom teeth extraction next Tuesday. From what I’ve heard about the procedure and the fairly long recovery time it comes with, it is not a process I’m looking forward to at all. Of course, that goes without saying even when one is not as scared of dental procedures as I am.

4. Most people probably already know this, but Moleskine notebooks are awesome. I’ll never use another brand of notebook/planner/anything blank book again! I’ll be keeping track of my semester in London in my new London “city guide” Moleskine. The books are just so simple and elegant, with infinite potential for customization and ways to use them. Some of those can be seen through the Moleskinerie pool on Flickr. (Via Fops and Dandies, prior to her retirement from blogging).

5. Against the better judgment of people with better taste in movies than I, I watched The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. It was a terrible movie, with such badly-written dialog that it was painful to listen to at times. Its only redeeming quality was some of the Shanghai scenes where Jonathan now owns a nightclub. Once you get over what seems to be wild historical inaccuracy – fashion, setting, and all it looked more pre-WW2 Shanghai than late 1940s Shanghai notwithstanding the fact that this would have been months before the People’s Liberation Army completely took over China for the Communist Party and a little more chaotic – those Shanghai scenes were wonderfully colorful. They reminded me of my fondness for the 1920s and 1930s China of some of my mother’s and grandmother’s Chinese soap operas, when the fashion seems to have been a nice mix of Western and Chinese styles. Those probably aren’t historically accurate either, but it makes for nice eye candy.

I couldn’t find any screenshots of those scenes, but here are some from major movies that hit on time periods that involved similar styles. Left is a screenshot from The Painted Veil and right is one from Lust, Caution.

Until next week, stay stylish!

The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on July 20, 2008

Well, it has definitely been a busy week for me, but when one blogs as a quick and easy escape from work and other things, its easy to keep on top of it – I swear though, I’ve been doing a good job at work and we’re making some progress with the research though it is also very close to the end of summer, and then I go abroad so my contribution to my professor’s long-term book project ends there – and here are some things that have been on my mind this week.

1. The Dark Knight is very, very good and while not a perfect movie, definitely worth seeing at some point on the big screen. The late Heath Ledger plays the Joker brilliantly, and steals absolutely every scene he’s in. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman both kind of fade into the background a bit, unfortunately, which is where many of the criticisms I’ve seen about the movie come from.

2. One of my absolute favorite fashion blogs, Fops and Dandies, is most likely being retired at the end of the summer when the writer goes to graduate school. I’ve been lurking and reading almost every post there practically since I first became interested in fashion blogging. I’ll miss it quite a bit! Her blog comes highly recommended.

3. I have makeup products on the mind. The new MAC Electro Flash collection includes some very appealing eyeshadows that, as a bonus, come with two colors in each. I don’t use much eyeshadow besides very plain brown shades and at times, a little bit of faint lavender, but they’re just so pretty! When it comes to the brown and pinkish shades that I’d like to try, they have several options. These two: “Two to Glow” and “Love Connection,” seem the most promising to me given the shades that might work and be more subtle on my skin. If I were to buy any, however, I would definitely want to ask the employees at the store for advice.

4. I am also becoming increasingly intrigued at the idea of brighter, more noticeable lipgloss or even lipstick shades. Usually, the only lipglosses I wear are Nars “Orgasm” and some Smashbox shades in mini-tubes that came with a set I bought at Costco, of all places. All of them are very subtle and barely have much color once they’re applied and rub off quickly anyway, the moment I eat or drink a glass of water. Still, I’ve seen a couple girls my age with similar skin coloring use some brighter pink shades of lipgloss and it actually looks quite nice, not overdone at all. I do have slightly thicker lips than they do, though, so I’d have to be careful if its a look I end up trying.

The Week in Review.

Posted in week in review by bluewellesleyblue on July 13, 2008

This was a pretty slow week in my life in general. I figured out that I hadn’t really hit a wall with my summer research and some of the new stuff that arrived through Interlibrary Loan was actually going to be really useful, but then I also haven’t processed most of it yet. It also became even more apparent that I’m not that great a cook, and I’ve had an especially awful time planning out my week’s meals and groceries. In terms of fashion, clothes, and the like I’ve had an even slower week.

1. I went to H&M this weekend and a handful of other stores while I was making another return at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, the Newbury Street H&M is not as fortunate as those in NYC, and so I did not get to ogle and try on the upcoming Fall/Winter offerings there. Only after I returned to the distant Boston area suburbs did I realize that I also wanted to return the skirts I’d bought there. I might have a newfound respect for the pencil skirt design, but not for one in a material that also functions as a lint-magnet. I’ve returned more than fifty percent of the things I’ve bought this summer by cost and volume both. I wonder if that means I’ve grown out of my shopping addiction and become a wiser shopper?

2. The New York Times’s coverage of fashion and style issue is probably insipid and slow compared to fashion-specific websites, blogs, and magazines, but I still read every one that pops up. There was one on the increasing popularity of designer sunglasses (which has been done, I just forget by which blog or news source) and one on how influential Gossip Girl is when it comes to fashion (which was already apparent across several blogs even before the show aired).

3. Though I don’t watch Gossip Girl myself and haven’t sat through a full episode since around number three or four, I am quite fond of all Blair Waldorf’s headbands and so I poked around online and found a few. Forever 21 has a great selection (all the ones pictured are from there) at a great price, though I’m pretty satisfied with my collection of headbands so I won’t be buying any. One of my friends here has the gold one in the middle and it always looks quite cute when she wears it.

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