Alas, Not Cool Enough for Comme des Garcons (for H&M).

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on November 15, 2008

comme-des-garcon-hm-07 comme-des-garcon-hm-24

I went shopping at the Oxford Circus H&M yesterday. Of course, since the remnants of the recently released Comme des Garcons for H&M collection were there, I looked at those too. Most of the jackets and bottoms were completely sold out, so all I got was an eyeful of the solid color and then the polka-dotted button downs. All of the very cool, though not my style, deconstructed pieces were gone, understandably enough. It was a little bit of a pity since I would have loved to try on some of them. (Photos of the full collection found on Nitrolicious.)

coolcommesI ended up grabbing one of the button downs since I doubted I was ever going to get a chance to try such a richly colored polka-dot button down ever again. I wonder if the sort of interviewers I might encounter – Wellesley professors and career center types for our Asia program or law school types – would be impressed if I turned up in one. Somehow, I doubt it, especially if I were to pair it with a ruffled skirt quite like that. Both H&M, both not bought, sadly. I was surprised to see that both pieces – the skirt is just plain old H&M – could actually be quite cute together, if a bit much and not within my usual style.

More H&M shopping fun coming up! Namely, a Leanne from Project Runway-ish skirt and a coat that I bought and now have to make a final decision on…

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What I Wore: Oxford St. Shopping.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on October 6, 2008

Scarf and sweater both from H&M, tights from Forever 21, boots from Urban Outfitters bought on Ebay, bag design inspired by “Miu Miu,” a gift bought in China.

Have you ever, upon discovering a new trend, proclaimed loudly that you would never buy into it and that you just didn’t get it only to start following it months later? I’ve done that with both skinny jeans and tights as pants under tops a bit too short to be worn as dresses with bare legs. Of course, my skinny jeans are more straight leg than actually skinny because I don’t fancy that tight-pants emo boy band look.

This is a sort of boring outfit, but I’m still very fond of it. When I think about my favorite outfits lately, I’m beginning to realize that most of them are almost exclusively H&M and Forever 21. I’m wondering where to go to inject a bit more affordable variety into my outfits since there don’t seem to be too many TJ Maxx/Marshall’s equivalents here. Uniqlo helps a bit in that regard.

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What I Wore: Red and Gray.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on September 15, 2008

Headband from Forever 21, Cardigan from Forever 21, Tank top from H&M, Skirt from H&M, Flats by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Very simple, and I totally wear the cardigan and the skirt far too much, usually with black flats – I own three different pairs – with the only variety coming from other accessories and the color of the tank top in question. There were a small handful of people, usually very little kids, giving me funny looks because of the bright red and kind of large flower on my head. I still think the headband is kind of awesome.

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What I Wore: Early Spring.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 28, 2008

Cardigan from Express, T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Skinny jeans from Hollister, Flats from Kenneth Cole, Yellow cross-body bag from China.

I am really, really missing the cooler weather since I really hate the heat. It makes me feel too tired to come up with good outfits. This is an outfit from early Spring while I was at school. My younger sister, who will be going through the college-application process this year, was visiting me because she wants to go to MIT. She’s definitely the more hard-working and science and math oriented between the two of us. It cannot be denied, however, that Wellesley is a supremely good undergraduate institution.

I definitely wear those skinny jeans too much, from winter to summer. I do really like skinny jeans, but the Hollister ones are super cheap and so they do get a little weird, wrinkly, and stretched out very quickly.

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Outfit Post: Two Wrongs Make an Almost-Right.

Posted in shopping advice, what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 19, 2008

Black dress, brand unknown, from TJMaxx; Muted silver “brocade” print dress from Fire LA and Nordstrom’s juniors section; Belt from Urban Outfitters, Brown leather flats from Jessica Bennett.

Not exactly a “what I wore” post because the weather is a bit too warm and the silver dress is a cheap material, so it doesn’t breathe well. The silver dress, especially, is an example of what happens when one doesn’t shop cautiously. I refer to it only half-jokingly as my alien princess dress. Since the material is cheap, the fit is unwieldy. It was not a good buying decision, as the fit was awkward even when I tried it on.

The black dress is alright, but cap sleeves aren’t too flattering on my figure, and the turtle neck and short cap sleeve combination makes it a bit odd. Still, I do very much like the way its fuller skirt forms a kind of ruffle around the bottom of the silver dress.

I’ve learned my lesson since then, and am now much more careful about what I spend money on. Never compromise on fit, no matter how good the price is, otherwise it’s going to be hard to bring yourself to wear something enough to justify buying it at all. The black dress has never been worn in public and the silver was worn only once, to a party. Still, some creative layering brings a spark of new life to any piece.

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What I (Would) Wear: That H&M Faux Leather Bomber.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on August 5, 2008

Faux leather bomber jacket from H&M, Pink floral applique top from Forever 21, Skinny jeans from Hollister, Black eyelet flats from Gap.

Alas, though that faux leather bomber from H&M was cute, I ultimately tried it on several times and found that it was just not my style. I like when it can be paired with longer and more flow-y tops (as a more fitted, shorter jacket, the contrast is nice), especially those with a feminine touch like this pink top with large rosettes all around the front collar (more contrasts). However, I just didn’t have enough to do with this piece and so I ended up returning it yesterday at H&M.

Fall/Winter stuff is trickling into the Newbury Street H&M very, very slowly. I don’t think I’ll still be here when some of the more wool peacoat like jackets come in, which makes me a little sad because I am quite fond of wool coats.

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What I Wore: Circa Summer 2006.

Posted in what i wore by bluewellesleyblue on July 26, 2008

For amusement purposes only, this is one of the less horrible things I came up with in terms of clothing choices whilst I was a wee one. Or perhaps, not that wee because this was the summer right after my high school graduation. This was long before I discovered the virtue of jeans that fit well. When I wasn’t making bad fashion decisions then, I was just making very boring ones.

I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today, which you can probably tell.

Earlier, I accidentally posted an entry that was definitely meant for my more personal life-centric blog. Oops, I guess. I don’t think anyone saw it here though, which is good.

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