I Feel Your Pain Guys…

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on October 28, 2008

To everyone applying early action for college: I am feeling your pain so much. The State Department internship application is due on November 3rd. Only, they will not likely be responding in any way until long after the passing of 2009.

EDIT: Silly me, 2500 characters and not 2500 words, which makes it a fairly conventional sized personal statement. I then had to cut down a fair bit since I was going on 750-800 words rather than the roughly 500 that is then permitted. Haha.

I am writing a personal statement right now, and it is great fun, except that it’s not. It’s also maximum 2500 words, which is odd to me, given that an average personal statement for anything else is one page or roughly 600 words at the absolute most. 2500 words is longer than some of the academic papers you’ll do early in your undergraduate career. Do they actually read every 2500 word opus to an applicant’s qualifications?

Who even knows.

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