Back from Berkeley.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on September 8, 2008

I spent the weekend staying with one of my best friends in Berkeley, which happens to be my favorite college town area ever, bar none. We went to San Francisco on Saturday morning for the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building, which is not necessarily the place for groceries on a student budget, but is still a great place to indulge in some locally grown and made food. The permanent shops within the Ferry Building are all quite lovely. There was even one completely dedicated to mushrooms.

Grow your own mushrooms!

It was a lovely vacation, and I got to see two of my closest friends. For those accustomed to even the larger private universities, however, the sheer size of UC Berkeley or any other UC school is quite difficult to comprehend. There are blocks of mostly-student apartment complexes on top of several dorm buildings scattered everywhere around the campus.

Now I’m beginning to get my things together for my flight to London, which is in about a week. From now on I can foresee a moratorium on shopping until I come back, and my expenditures will all be on mundane things like sheets, laundry detergent, pots, groceries, and rent. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most “bang” outfit-wise while packing only a medium-ish suitcase for my roughly three month stay in the UK. I have absolutely no upper-body strength and I always live in fear of the times when I have to drag my luggage around on public transportation, put things in overhead compartments, and so on.

I’ll be back to writing on more fashion-related subject tomorrow, I believe.

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Trendy Foods: Frozen Yogurt.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on September 2, 2008

Yogurtland: just one of many new Bay Area Pinkberry imitators.

As far as I know the cupcake trend has yet to take my hometown by storm, but frozen yogurt is definitely here and making its presence known. Though it’s following a bit far behind the Pinkberry craze in Los Angeles, new frozen yogurt places are popping up in every strip mall and shopping complex. In one area there are now four within a one block square radius.

I bought into the trend big time and have had frozen yogurt every day during the Labor Day weekend. I think I’m over it now, but I never knew slightly tangy, tart plain frozen yogurt could be so good. Most of these places are build-your-own which means the customer gets to build exactly the froyo monstrosity they want, picking between around a dozen flavors and a bunch of cereal, candy, and fruit. I just like the “plain tart” equivalent and fruit. The mochi or rice dough balls that are also popular at the original Pinkberry are something I can do without. Anyway, I think I’m over my excitement about the froyo thing – though I would love if one or two decent, not too crowded ones opened up in Boston and Cambridge – but it is supposedly a good and not too fatty or unhealthy way to cool off during the summer.

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Cheap Thrill: Forever 21 Flower Headband.

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on August 30, 2008

Forever 21 headband, $3.80.

Though I love being at home, one disadvantage to being in the suburbs is that the shopping options just don’t match up to being within easy reach of a city, even a smaller one like Boston or Providence, where I occasionally go to visit my roommate from last year during short breaks. The Providence Mall Forever 21, for example, is new, shiny, and gigantic while the Forever 21 at home is a bit small, disorganized, and hasn’t been redone since I was in middle school. I’ve been there once or twice since coming home and the clothes have been a bit disappointing. Though I do love to shop there dearly, the comparatively low quality of the clothes there does get highlighted when they try to incorporate prints or patterns like the ubiquitous plaid that seems to be quite in for fall.

The hair accessories, though, don’t disappoint quite as much. I really like this red faux leather flower headband. It looks a bit unwieldy, but the flower is just the right size when the headband is on, and it’s surprisingly understated. It’s also available in black, but I opt for the red since it has better contrast with my black hair.

I’ll Admit it, I’m Wimpy.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 29, 2008

I’m feeling a little more under the weather now from getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m starting to really feel the unpleasant side effects from some of the medicine, and I’m not even taking the most hardcore painkiller anymore. I think I might also have dry socket, and if that’s the case I can probably look forward to being under the weather for a bit longer.

I’d been optimistic and hoping to make it to Berkeley to see one of my best friends and visit her for the weekend now that classes have begun there. (I always find it really interesting to see how different it is at different colleges.) Looks like I’m going to have to postpone my trip. Oh well, my recovery period does give me an excuse to eat lots of coffee ice cream, which is my favorite.

Photo from Flickr.

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Actually, That’s a Belt…

Posted in things i love by bluewellesleyblue on August 18, 2008

I went shopping with my younger sister today and we had a lot of fun. I wasn’t really looking to buy anything, and didn’t end up taking anything home but some body butter from Anthropologie in a scent I really like, which also happened to be on sale. I tried on and saw a bunch of things that were adorable, though there was nothing I could bring myself to buy.

I saw a couple dresses I liked at Forever 21, though they weren’t suited to my figure at all. In truth, I do still have better luck there than I do at a lot of pricier retailers even if their materials are a bit cheap. This is, however, taking into account that there are few dresses that work well on my figure at all, and most need a little bit of adjusting or tailoring. I grabbed this headband on an earlier trip for a touch of that flapper look I’m so fond of.

There were some lovely headbands at Nordstroms, which is usually the case. Unfortunately, all of them were priced within the fifty to eighty dollar range making them a bit far outside my budget. One of the “I Am Fashion” bloggers posted a picture of my favorite one. I personally like red headbands to go with black hair, though navy blue ones work well for a more understated look that might better hold up to appliques, bows, and other decorative flourishes without being “too much.”

When I saw the collection of brightly colored silk flower things on the J Crew sale accessories table I immediately zeroed in on them as a Blair Waldorf-esque headband. Then, as I was holding the different colored ones to my head to show my sister, one of the sales associates asked if I liked that belt. Alas, what I had taken to be a ribbon headband was, indeed, a decorative belt. Of course, that wouldn’t stop me from wearing it on my head, most likely after cutting the ribbons short. I did feel a little silly for prancing around the store looking for a mirror so I could see what it looked like, but not enough to stop.

Picture from Ebay because the item is not in their online store. Everyone should, however, take note that it’s not actually sold out and at the Westfield Valley Fair J Crew in Santa Clara, they have plenty of the yellow, pink, and navy blue (which means they’ll gladly ship it to any other J Crew store if you ask nicely). They were on sale for 29.99 with an additional forty percent off, bringing it closer to the point where it’s worth buying as a statement piece type accessory that only goes with one or two outfits. I’d totally wear it with my Stepford Wife dress as either a belt or a headband, though this is only in theory and I might actually not be able to pull it off in real life. Lately, I find myself grabbing a lot of hair accessories to try solely because they remind me of Gossip Girl and well, Blair. The fact is, however, that Gossip Girl styling does not translate well to your average college classroom.

A Would-be Fashionista’s Worst Nightmare.

Posted in miscellaneous by bluewellesleyblue on August 11, 2008

Why yes, I am breaking my hiatus early. I came home to the California Bay Area on Friday, and now I’m pretty well settled in. I have full length mirrors and well-lit room options galore as well as the entirety of my spring and summer wardrobe at hand, so more “what I wore” posts are likely to be forthcoming.

I really do love flying Jetblue most of the time. The one thing I hate about the journey between school and home is that the connection, if I’m forced to take one by pricing, is through JFK Airport in New York. In my experience, that airport is always hell to transfer through. In winter, my flight from California was held up at the tarmac for about forty minutes because we had no gate to disembark from. Just now, I believe there was a storm, and so they weren’t allowing any flights into New York. I was in danger of missing my connection to California, but they put me on the direct flight instead.

Then they lost my bag, and for about fourteen hours, I was mourning the loss of my things. It’s not super important, of course, but I think anyone who puts a lot of effort into bargain hunting or shopping in general would be a little mortified when they realize their bag’s been lost in transit. I couldn’t help but think of this or that thing I got for an awesome deal or that H&M thing or Forever 21 thing – once it’s gone, it won’t be found again – since well, I did put some effort into shopping for everything. Anyway, they got my bag back, so I’m happy.

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Oh Costco, How I Love Thee.

Posted in shopping advice by bluewellesleyblue on August 10, 2008

I’ll bet this definitely counts as an unconventional place for a would-be fashionista to shop – unless they are also a lover of good food, which I also happen to be – but sometimes those big-box discount retailers have awesome offerings vaguely related to beauty, fashion, and style.

Costco’s makeup selection if, of course, extremely limited and inconsistent. That being said, when they do have name-brand makeup, the prices cannot be beaten. A couple of months ago I bought a set of three mini Smashbox lipglosses and a “highlighter quad” that I’ve been using as cream blush and eyeshadow ever since for less than thirty dollars. Today, at the Costco in my hometown, they had a Stila eyeshadow quad with two brushes for eighteen dollars and three Smashbox eyeshadow trios for nineteen dollars. These are, let’s just say, not necessarily cheap makeup products. Anyway, a good discount alone is not a reason to pick something up, but if it’s something you’re pretty sure you can make use of, there’s no reason not to seize the day. In my case, all three include colors that I can use, and it gives me an opportunity to play around with multiple palettes at a very reasonable price point.

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